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14:05:02 :

Persistence is rewarded.  People get into 5O5s and stick.  It’s one of those “It’s about the people” things that define Corinthian sailing at its finest.  People just love their 5O5s, and this crowd will reconvene in 2014 in Kiel to do it all again.  With their friends.  Thank you for sharing the SAP 5O5 World Championship, 2013, and  I’ll leave you with this pearl of wisdom imparted by the good Doctor Lehman earlier in the week, as I examined his bandaged (blistered) right hand:  ”If your doctor is a sailor, never schedule your surgery on Friday because you doctor is antsy to get out and go sailing. And never schedule on a Monday, because he’s BEEN sailing.

14:02:30 :

Claas has missed the title of German Champion so many times so closely. His best worlds result has been 5th in La Rochelle. He now reached the pinnacle! So well deserved. (no joke, he has been sailing 505s for decades!)

14:00:22 :

Congrats to Stefan Boehm and Gerald Roos in 2nd over-all! and Wolfgang Hunger and Holger Jess in 3rd over-all.

13:59:14 :

we have a new wold champion 2013!!! Fantastic racing!! Great sport! Claas Lehmann going for his first title ever in the 30 or so years of his 505 career!!

congrats to a fantastic strong victory of Claas Lehmann and Leon Oehme!

13:58:04 :

Howie Hamlin, Mike Martin and Wolfgang Hunger — three past world champions in the top ten.


13:56:02 :

From where he started, 10th for Hunger qualifies as a comeback

13:55:47 :

their strength:

Hunger/Jess World Champs in catching up: Made good 49 places over the whole series and all races counting from the first windward mark where they arrived in average 9th

Böhm/Roos: great starters: arriving 2nd in average up there at 1st ww mark

13:53:48 :

Claas Lehmann has hung in there ferociously.  If this being-a-surgeon thing doesn’t work out for him, he could get a job as a junkyard dog.

13:53:44 :

we can sum up:

Lehmann/Oehme: great consistancy

Boehm/Roos.weakness down-wind. 0,25 knots slower in average over all races

Hunger/Jess. bad starting performance: 0.5 knots slower in average over all races, just counting the average speed to the 1st windward mark

13:51:35 :

Holt/Smit finishing now

13:50:16 :

AND I see that Tindale and Povey, Barbados sailors on their first excursion in a 5O5, have moved up from 60th to 52nd since we last checked in. But we have high expectations, because they had practice.  They, uh, left the dock an hour ahead of everybody else.

13:46:00 :

Duh, make that “best finish to date.”

13:45:16 :

Another in the top ten on this leg and through most of the series is the pairing of Ted Conrads and Brian Haines (are you liking this, Robbie?).   A third has been their best finish to day.

13:42:36 :

Also in the top ten, Mike Martin/Jeff Nelson, who won the 2009 Worlds in San Francisco, the first time that SAP Analytics was brought to bear on analyzing the reams of Big Data collected from the race fleet.  Having crewed Howie Hamlin to a worlds win in 2009, Martin fulfilled him ambition to become the first (and I think, still the only) person to win the worlds both as crew and as skipper.

13:39:42 :

finish will be at the top mark. Now we just rounded leeward mark. Böhm/Roos still 13th. Hunger/Jess 11th.

13:37:51 :

at the pinnacle of a three year project: Lehmann/Oehme have started their story in Hamilton Island 2011 with a 15th, continued their way to the top in La Rochelle 2012 with a 5th place and now: lets see. so close to win!!

15-5-1 : great vector over 3 years!

13:36:42 :

Seeing the Bojsen-Moller brothers in the top ten reminds me that we’ve had three races out of nine in which being the pathfinder was good.  It’s a job most people don’t crave — and here, with the left heavily favored (except when it’s not) the rabbit’s obligation to set the line for the start by sailing on port tack for three minutes is nothing you’d volunteer to take on.  But there are Jorgen and Jacob looking good after rabbitting for race nine, and there was that earlier race when rabbit Bogacki reached across the whole fleet to join the leaders, and he went on to win.  But now — Mike Holt and –

13:36:17 :

Lehmann/Oehme on their way to win the SAP505-worlds 2013!!

13:31:46 :

Sandy Higgins and Paul Marsh have also had quite a week.  The Aussies have won two races, and they’re second now to Holt and ahead of Lehmann  . . .

13:29:53 :

Tyler Moore and Geoff Ewenson are having a nice top-ten wrap up race.  Theyve had a lot of moments of their own this week on Carlisle Bay.  Can you say, knockin’ at the door?

13:27:39 :

Last time at the weather mark.  Mike Holt has had this view before, and if you can’t win the world championship, this is a nice moment to carry away.

13:26:32 :

Under the racing rules of sailing, even a privileged vessel is required to attempt to avoid a collision.  Dr. Lehmann did his duty.

13:24:01 :

Michael, dont worry. No turtle got hurt…

13:21:50 :

We’re speculating around here on whether anything could happen to take this show away from Claas Lehman and Leon Oehme.  Maybe.  There was that race where they had to make the big dodge to miss the turtle  – Barbados being a prime breeding ground for hawksbills.  You wanna swim with the turtles?  Just so swimming.

13:18:17 :

Higgins is showing no love for our leading German, Herr Doctor Lehman.   RC planning no course changes, btw

13:17:58 :

talking about Boehm/Roos: 330 meters windward distance separate them actually from the worlds title. (You have to subtract their windward distance to leader from the 5th boats windward distance to leader…)

13:16:00 :

You can’t see everything through the tracker.  It would seem that Lehmann may have hit the leeward mark or fouled Higgins.  Either way, he’s still looking secure against both Boehm and Hunger.   Remember, this is a three- boat race to see which German will win.  No one else in the fleet can crack the top three.

13:15:15 :

some speculations about possible crashes…: at the worlds in Hamilton Island one 505 lost the rudder after a collision with a Turtle. We have seen huge turtles here. Claas Lehmann reported a turtle the size of an optimist during pre-worlds…

13:13:30 :

1999 world champion Howie Hamlin is having his best race since winning the Pre-Worlds.   (Jinx?)  For all the speculation that The Container would be returned still-sealed to the West Coast –the container that arrived ridiculously late, on Wednesday, nonetheless, various sundries did emerge. Along with 8889 for locals Tindale and Povey, there was a new jib for Hamlin a Southern California guy. Hamlin this morning was on his knees in the breezeway of Barbados Yacht Club, applying telltales to the new jib, “Even though it takes time to get the settings right for a new jib. Most people say the new sail is simply faster.  We don’t really think so, but we’ll sail with it today.”

13:13:14 :

such a solid lead for Lehmann/Oehme. I put my money on them. Would have to have a crash or some sort of accident to not win over-all. They are on their way to glory…

13:09:04 :

What a rounding.  Lehmann is away and running with the big dogs, and Hunger has passed Boehm.

13:05:44 :

Mike Holt, out front now, is one of those West Coast Americans who like more breeze than we’ve seen this week. With mostly 15 knots showing, however, he’s looking good just now.  Holt has been second twice at the 5O5 worlds, knocking at the door, and everybody knows he could win one of these.  But not this year.  Too many finishes in the teens. People sort of take it for granted that, eventually, it will be Holt’s year.  On the other hand, if you’ve been around this class for a while, you know about Dr. Dennis Surtees, second twice, retired still a bridesmaid.

13:00:58 :

BTW, if the small race view embedded on the screen is bugging you, there is an alternative, larger view at

13:00:36 :

Hunger/Jess stuck in the traffic in the middle of the fleet. Their chances for a title seem to be slipping away. In order to win over all they would need to win this race no matter what places Lehmann and Boehm score. A 2nd place would not do it for them…

12:59:43 :

Barbadans Tindale and Povey, to no surprise, are deep — on their first sail in a 5O5 — but they’re not last.

12:58:20 :

There’s no getting round it, Claas Lehmann and Leon Oehme have the strong position here, and neither Boehm nor Hunger have shown us what they can do about it. Both are buried, sort of “front of the middle.”

12:53:35 :

Holt and Higgins are keeping life interesting for Claas Lehmann.  Hunger, buried, was forced by traffic to hold port tack for a time after his own rounding.

12:43:54 :

With Boehm and Roos’ current position in this race, what are their best options to catching up to the leaders at this stage?

12:43:36 :

It’s moving fast.  Holt rearranged the odds by slipping through Lehmann at the weather mark

12:42:02 :

other way around: Boehm&Roos have to be at least 2nd now (if Lehmann&Oehme stay in 1st) to win this 505worlds

12:40:48 :

Lehmann&Oehme leading! in this constellation Boehm&Roos have to become 2nd to secure their world title!!

12:40:14 :

Once again, being the rabbit was not a bad thing. The Bojsen-Moller brothers, Jorgen and Jacob, and right with Stefan Boehm/Gerald Roos with both close to a port-tack layline

12:37:09 :

Dr. Hunger took it to the corner, for sure for sure

12:35:41 :

In previous races we’ve seen left-corner boats overstand.  That’s something to watch for here.

12:35:06 :

Boehm&Roos in order to win they cannot be worth than 5th place in this final race if Hunger&Jess win. Dont forget Lehmann&Oehme in the equation. its really open between the three…

12:28:48 :

Question for the experts: Do Boehm & Roos have to win this race to win the Championship? If not, who do they have to beat to secure the title today?

12:28:45 :

Lehmann has as good a shot as anybody to win this leg

12:27:35 :

We have an issue, apparently, with the data from GER 9071, Wolfgang Hunger,  but I can see him on my technology working left in chopped-up air.  I’d make him 3-7 (hey, I’m trying) boats behind Boehm.  Lehmann got the best start of the three.

12:24:04 :

Once again Hunger has a dreadful start.  Boehm is not first tier but he’s okay-ish on the left.  Remember, this is a three boat race

12:23:45 :

Lehmann/Oehme came out best of the start

12:22:43 :

nice article on this last race in the German

12:21:54 :

Lehmann away early and clean to the left

12:16:24 :

Warning has sounded.  Our display is delayed to allow us to synch between 2D and 3D views, but we will .stay with the CG timing from here on out.  DEN 9062, the Bojsen-Moller brothers, will be our pathfinder.  Course 1

12:10:46 :

ADD BOAT:  For all the speculation that The Container would be returned unsealed to the West Coast – the container that arrived via ship on Wednesday—one of seven boats was pulled out to sail today as BAR 8889 for Jason Tindale and Robert Povey. They left the dock about 1015, an hour ahead of the crowd, for their first sail in a 5O5. Competitor Hasso Plattner arranged for 8889 to be shipped here so that there would be a  Barbadan boat in the regatta.  It will go back in when the time comes, and all seven boats will re-trace their mostly-futile journey.

12:09:58 :

RC is going into sequence

12:09:01 :

AP down now

12:06:43 :

As we count down the minutes to a deciding race nine, we know already that our winner at the end of the day will be a German team, either Stefan Boehm/Gerald Roos, now leading the standings, or Claas Lehman/Leon Oehme, second, or Wolfgang Hunger/Holger Jess, third. No one in the fleet can crack the top three, no matter what happens today, and any of these three teams can win the championship. A world title would be a first for Boehm and a first for Lehmann — Boehm cannot even claim a national title back home in Germany — but it would be a sixth for Wolfgang Hunger.  I was impressed yesterday by the way that Boehm came back to beat Hunger in race eight after being trounced in race seven.  To me, that means that Boehm has arrived as a top contender.  I think Boris Herrmann, however, would rather place his best on the proved, long distance performance of Dr. Hunger of Kiel.  We don’t have any money riding on it.  Yet.  The race committee’s postponement will add to the pressure on nerves, but whose?

12:00:52 :

windward mark has drifted. this is causing few minuted delay…

11:56:22 :

we are in POSTPONEMENT! nerve-wrecking is this! tension in the office as on the water rising…

11:46:00 :

Our pathfinder for race nine is DEN 9062, sailed by brothers Jorgen and Jocob Bojsen-Moller in a nice bit of symmetry.  They were 10th in race eight, earning them the nomination to run rabbit, and they are 10th in the overall standings.

11:39:00 :

Our final race is scheduled to start at 12:00 EST, we’ll have live commentary from Kimball Livingston, Boris Herrmann and Jennifer Langille, Andy Green will also be live tweeting from the water, so if you’re not following us already check out: @SAP5O5Worlds

15:36:12 :

I don’t know how this plays out, but I’m prepared to say that this bold move on Boehm’s part is going less well

15:33:44 :

Now Boehm comes back

15:32:46 :

Hey, Stefan, feeling lonely out there?

15:31:31 :

Boehm found so much happiness on that side of the course that he and Gerald Roos are hurrying back

15:30:09 :

Again some overstanding on the left

15:29:16 :

That was a bold move on Boehm’s part – going off to the right – but it’s sure looking smart at the moment.  He could easily cross Hunger now, not that he wants to.

15:25:55 :

Just at the moment, there are a lot of people who would like to trade spots with Stefan Boehm

15:25:44 :

Böhm+Roos taking a 60 m lead on Lehmann+Oehme over the right hand side during this beat

15:24:07 :

Boehm has invested heavily in the right-hand side.  He’s either correct, big time, or –

15:22:24 :

Hunger too had some head-on traffic but continued without tacking

15:21:13 :

AND Boehm is taking a pretty big bite out of the right side of the course, with Bogacki as a wingman

15:19:56 :

Hunger tacked immediately around the mark and is shaving boats as he works left.  Boehm also tacked early, but got caught in the lineup with reaching boats on his wind and was forced to take a clearing tack.  That’s gravy for Hunger.

15:18:08 :

Higgins sailed a few lengths on port, to clear the fleet still reaching down, then tacked to work the left side.  Is anybody surprised?

15:13:57 :

Hunger made some gains against Boehm on the reaching legs

15:12:50 :

Sandy Higgins and Paul Marsh are pretty well sprung from pursuit.  Their finishes include a 10th, a 12th and 16th, so anyone in the hunt for the 2012 championship would be concerned about the immediate competition and probably willing to let Higgins go along to collect his second win for the series.

15:09:16 :

Just yesterday Bogacki was telling us that the Germans all sail together and train together, “And we all want to beat each other.”  Right now, Hunger is towing Boehm around the course.

15:06:50 :



Retired boats from the last race of today have returned to the beach!!

Retired Boats on Beach

15:03:06 :

Boehm had traffic as he approached the layline and may have been forced to sail some extra distance

15:00:46 :

BTW if you want more racecourse on your screen, try the feed at

14:54:20 :

In the big picture race, Hunger has sneaked ahead of Boehm

14:53:42 :

And I have Pinnell back.  He rounded and went right a  bit, probably for clear air, before tacking to starboard

14:52:30 :

Now I have Conrads back, but not Pinnell

14:51:28 :

AND no, Ted Conrads/Brian Haines were not abducted by aliens.  But their gps signal?  Maybe.

14:45:17 :

Boehm is ahead of Hunger, both in the top 10

14:43:20 :

That will be past world champion Ian Pinnell in third

14:42:47 :

Higgins looks good to round ahead, then Conrads

14:41:46 :

Wow.  Some serious lefties out on the right hand side of the course

14:40:19 :

This could be a special rounding for the young American team of Ted Conrads and Brian Haines.  And I double dog bet you that daddy Robbie Haines is following this.

14:37:09 :

I’m reading the hard-left as overstood already

14:35:09 :

Hunger and Boehm will not have the luxury of elbow room at this rounding.  It’s a new look.

14:30:59 :

Once again there is a streak of right shift that does not extend all the way left or all the way right.  Either that, or the leaders just have a little extra mojo

14:28:45 :

boat on boat match racing between Hunger and Böhm. couldn’t be any more exciting than this…


14:28:03 :

We now have Boehm showing up 9th, slightly to leeward of Hunger

14:25:15 :

Hunger is away to the left in clear air

14:25:02 :

We’re getting no data on Boehm at the moment, but we’re working on it

14:12:46 :

Two minutes to warming for Race 8.  Our pathfinder is AUS 9105

13:55:16 :

Still approaching the weather mark is one of two French entries. Driver Dominique Rouanne is an early teenager on a steep learning curve.

13:51:29 :

Just around the bottom mark, Aussie Kevin Cameron is sailing today with a replacement crew for Bob Franks, injured yesterday.  Franks’ bad news is good news for American Paul Von Grey, whose own boat is in The Container that came from the West Coast of the USA — and arrived yesterday aboard a ship, and probably will be returned to the West Coast without ever being unsealed or brought through Customs. Paul was eager for a chance to sail . . .

13:47:53 :

RC is looking at clouds and thinking about repositioning the weather mark for the race to come.  Only one race was scheduled today, but we lost a race on Monday to rain, rain and lack of wind.  It should be an easy pick to make that up today.

13:44:22 :

This race was not good news for Boehm and Roos, big picture.

13:41:42 :

what a brilliant sailor! Hunger winning this with a 230 m lead!

13:38:39 :

Hunger on the layline or close and looking untouchable

13:35:59 :

Into the run, and it should favor five-time world champion Wolfgang Hunger, who has Holger Jess on the wire. Boehm gybes, and Boris doesn’t like it, I think

13:35:57 :

Böhm taking huge risk by attacking with a gybe set on this last run! wow looks toooo risky to me to do that

13:34:24 :

overall ranking would only change if Böhm would loose now 2 places on this run…

13:32:17 :

Those are some very good sailors hanging it out beyond the layline

13:31:27 :

Our bird’s eye view shows beautifully how the middle of the pack is forced into overstanding for clear air

13:30:22 :


13:29:18 :

It’s too early to call, but Boehm and Saugman may have overstood.  The line for Hunger and for Lehmann looks favorable  . . .

13:27:09 :

Wow.  Once again, there is a dramatic difference in wind direction between the bottom and top of the course.

13:22:09 :

SAP Analytics is telling us that Hunger and the other leaders are again in the persistent right shift

13:18:58 :

Saugman got through Boehm on the spinnaker drop and rounding

13:17:07 :

fleet had to drop kites on this 2nd triangle leg – too tight!

13:13:38 :

Boehm and Saugman might as well be locked in a ring with boxing gloves.  Upwind, there they were.  Around the wing mark, here they are.

13:12:08 :

One of the advantages of being a leader shows up big time on the upwind legs — the ability to come out of a tack bow-down for speed.  You don’t keep the boat bow-down for very long, but that short speed build is a valuable tool.   Even more than that is minimizing tacks and gybes.  When you’re back in the pack, especially upwind, you’re being forced to tack for clear air. It shows up under the Maneuvers column, dramatically.  I see total maneuvers for our leading group of 9-10 so far.  Scrolling down I see some boats with total maneuvers of 15, 22  . . .

13:11:40 :

as there is a big gap between the 4 front boats and the rest I see it unlikely Hunger could be able to manage to get into first overall already after this race: even if Görge/Saugmann get Böhm this would still mean that Böhm stays in the overall lead by one point

13:05:18 :

Part of the beauty of 5O5 racing is that you have “family” that gets together year after year for the love of it.  Olympic classes don’t have that.  Olympic sailing is a “blood sport.”  The 5O5 by policy has resisted any attempt to include it in the Olympics, and as a result we’re looking at a top three in this race of two MDs and an attorney.

13:02:23 :

The Boehm vs. Saugman battle here is a bell ringer

13:01:40 :

RC is talking about shortening the final weather leg

13:00:59 :

amazing how they (the leaders) managed to estimate the layline properly from that distance! another one-tack beat!

12:59:28 :

Boehm held on starboard for a bit, after Hunger and Lehmann tacked, and it looks as if he’s paying a price for that

12:57:00 :

Hunger`s advantage in this beat has been leveraged with a consistent righty shift

12:55:54 :

Hunger’s ready to try a new tack

12:54:55 :

Left-side gang is getting the BIG RIGHT SHIFT and the right-side gang, which could take it downtown, are not getting it

12:52:02 :

There has been a persistent starboard-tack lift on this leg.  Maybe that obviates my concern about overstanding  . . .

12:50:10 :

If I were leading the left pack, I’d be fretting about whether or not I could overstand in the corner

12:47:46 :

Hunger looks to be running off with this one, but 2012 world champion Saugman is part of the top four that could still take advantage of any mistake

12:44:58 :

I see unanimous voting for hurrying to the left side of the course.

12:42:28 :

We started today by recalling Martin Gorge’s comment that Stefan Boehm is not someone he’d expect to see in first place at the end of the regatta.   At the moment, even not leading the race, I’d have to say he’s earning his place.

12:39:57 :

It’s been a very German series, and this race at the top is a very German race.   Our early gybe-artist, Schadewaldt, is re-convening with the leaders who held on

12:38:58 :

1,2,3 race leaders are overall leaders in the same time 2,3,1 ! the podium is all open. Mike Hold sailing his discard in this race… as it looks at the moment

12:38:06 :

Boehm and Roose sticking very close to the front pack. Hunger and Jess need Boehm and Roose to have a bad race. Will they tack on them, give them dirty air and try to push them back?

12:38:00 :

If you find that you’re experiencing a slow 3D stream you can also watch the action live here:

12:37:51 :

Jawohl!!! very German these worlds!

12:37:08 :

AND the leading threesome gybe in unison

12:35:36 :

lawyer from Cologne Stefan Boehm defending his overall lead against the doctor from Kiel Wolfgang Hunger

12:35:06 :

Schadewaldt, one of the contenders on the first beat, gybed almost immediately around the mark.  We’ll be interested in how that works out for him, but he is already out of the hunt in the overall standings.

12:32:50 :

Hunger is a downwind ace, and now he’s in a position to prove it.

12:31:18 :

ITs going to be very busy at the windward mark

12:30:52 :

But…..Hunger and Jess the 5x World Champions are looking even better

12:29:36 :

Boehm and Roose looking good in the leading pack

12:29:32 :

Boehm had about a four-point lead over Hunger in the overall when the sun came up today.  Between those two — that’s our real race of the day.

12:28:42 :

Middle left is coming good

12:27:51 :

overall ranks: 1st Böhm vs. 2nd Hunger: my guess: Hunger/Jess will speed away from Boehm/Ross on the downwind run in a few minutes and than be able to keep it for the rest of the race…

12:27:18 :

Woo hoo.  We saw this yesterday.  Has the left side overstood?

12:22:49 :

This is still anybody’s race to the first mark.  Five-time world champion Wolfgang Hunger is catching my eye just now, GER 9071

12:18:56 :

It’s worth knowing that you can access a bigger view of the race display at   It gives you more screen space for the racing,.

12:16:10 :

Higgings/Marsh, now tipping the leaderline, were early starters and left-believers in this race

12:14:55 :

Boehm/Roos are close to Saugman/Gorge, with clear air but close company

12:14:42 :

Ok, left hand side starting to get strong. breeze shifting this way

12:13:43 :

Saugman/Gorge are popped out, roughly mid-fleet.  It reminds me of race 5, when pathfinder Bogacki footed across the entire fleet, from the right, got into it at the weather mark and broke through to the lead on the second upwind

12:13:32 :

Looks pretty even out on the course. Neither side looks super strong right now

12:12:18 :

multiple world champion Wolfgang Hunger had struggled all the last races to get off the start so this is very promising.

12:12:04 :

Our pathfinder has fared rather well out of this

12:11:33 :

this time Hunger/Jess got off the line well. Boehm/Ross bit behind and in the traffic

12:07:16 :

here we gooooooo! Today will give us a very good idea who will be sneaking their hands onto the trophy tomorrow

12:03:43 :

Our pathfinder for race 7 is the world champion team from 2012, Jan Saugman and Martini Gorge, DEN 8964

12:03:28 :

Rabbit boat is preparing for its run across the line

12:02:19 :

Plenty of breeze out on the water. A few puffs up to 16+kts

12:00:50 :

We’re in sequence . . .

11:57:15 :

We’re ticking down the minutes to the start of Race 7, and there can’t be anyone in the 5O5 fleet more keyed up than Stefan Boehm and Gerald Roos, sitting atop the leaderboard with three races to go. After they won the first two races, 2012 world champion crew Martin Gorge commented, fairly, “They’re not the people you expect to see in that position at the end of the regatta.” Because they’ve never been there before.  Boehm has not won a worlds or even a national championship in his native Germany. But if he and Roos can hold onto their lead through three more races, no one will ever say anything like that about them, again. We’re in sequence . . .

11:50:58 :

Beautiful weather today for race 7 here on Carlisle Bay.

11:50:53 :

Only ten more minutes… are you all ready for a bit of 5O5 action?

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